Saturday, 30 April 2016

RAINBOW SNIPPETS - April 30 - May 1st

For more tantalising snippets from a whole host of authors, see the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group, you won't regret it. There are Snippets to suit every reader.

We've progressed to Chapter Three of Coins Not Accepted, and apologies - this is a little more than six sentences: Miles' grandfather has started to explain what's going on...

"Gramps," Miles said carefully, unable to stay silent any longer, "you do realise all this sounds completely bonkers, right?"

"Oh, yes." His smile was a wry twist. "Your mother made that perfectly clear. Yet it is easily proved. I have only to take you to the ford. It isn't water, you understand, but flows of energy that can be interrupted briefly from the Exchange to allow people to cross. Logres, and the other countries allied with the Wyvern throne, are in a parallel dimension. They have developed a little differently to society on this plane, ahead in some things, behind us in others. Some key elements in Britain's history didn't have the same outcome."

"Okay." Parallel dimensions. Of course, why didn't I think of that... Miles managed not to roll his eyes.

~ * ~

I've also started doing Throwback Thursday, featuring a longer excerpt from a novel from my backlist, so if you'd like to read a few more than six lines of my fiction, check the post for April 28th.

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