Saturday, 23 April 2016


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Time needs to slow down - the week speeds by far too fast! Here we are again, with six more sentences from Chapter Two of Coins Not Accepted: Miles has travelled to East Harptree and meets his grandfather...

The last time Miles had seen the old man, he'd been a tall wide shouldered man of military bearing, his strong, distinguished features crowned by a tidy mane of thick iron grey hair. The man who rose from the wingback chair and came to meet him seemed a frail caricature. His now-white hair was still thick but he stooped a little to one side as if he should be walking with a cane. His shabby-smart tweed jacket and gabardine slacks hung on his gaunt frame, and he looked every one of his eighty-four years. His eyes, the same startling blue as the twins and Miles' own, were a little too bright with moisture.

"My dear boy," he said quietly. "I am so pleased to see you at last."

~ * ~

In other news, I've also started doing a Throwback Thursday thing, featuring an excerpt from a novel from my back-list, so if you'd like to read a few more than six lines of my fiction, check the post here for a bit of Sea Change....

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