Sunday, 6 March 2016


I developed a bad back yesterday, and it's still plaguing me today. Oh, well... the joys of aging... 

Anyhow, forget my complaining, here's my Snippet from Tawny, Chapter 12:

Ahead of them the road curved off to the left, and a narrow trail led away to the right, disappearing into the forest. At Gryff's shout, they swung onto the track, and plunged through undergrowth and overhanging trees that tugged at their hair and clothes. Hal did his best to flatten himself to Fire's neck, partially blinded by her flying mane. Desperately he hoped that Gryff or his geas knew where the hell they were going, because his legs felt as if they were trying to rip themselves from his hip sockets. And the least said about his bruised balls, the better. He might never walk again.

For more tantalising snippets from a whole host of authors, see the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group, you won't regret it. There's Snippets to suit every reader.

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Hal Rayner

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