Saturday, 20 February 2016


The massive rewrite has been done, submitted and accepted - thank the gods! - and I've also finished my quilting project. Phew. Now I can catch my breath, hopefully. It's getting close to Tawny's publishing date - March 1st across Amazon, ARe and Smashwords!

Here's my Rainbow Snippet from Chapter 10.

Slowly Hal turned to face the setting sun. His breath fogged in the cold air, and long shadows reached towards him. But his mind's eye saw only the firelit comfort of Gryff's chamber, the wide, disordered bed, and Gryff asleep, sprawled there as elegant as any feline, his hair spread in an autumn-coloured tangle on the pillows. Something deep in Hal's chest twisted in pain, ached for that closeness they'd shared. Not the sex, shattering and fulfilling as it had been, but the aftermath. The sheer sensual delight in lying together, wrapped in each other's arms and drifting towards sleep.

For more tantalising snippets from a whole host of authors, see the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group, you won't regret it. There's Snippets to suit every reader.

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