Saturday, 30 January 2016


And here we are again - Rainbow Snippets! I thought it was time I gave a brief introduction to the opposition Hal and his friends are facing in the Melusine's Cats series. So I chose a few lines featuring Morgan and Hilde, embittered survivors of the Battle of the Betrayal. Hilde, the guardian, is a hound resembling a German Shepherd cross in her smaller aspect. They are licking their wounds from their brief skirmish with Hal's friends...

Here's my Rainbow Snippet from Chapter 7;

Greymalkin's triad was stronger than he'd anticipated, and his own battle-weaving skills weren't as effective as he'd thought.
The world has changed. Hilde voiced his thoughts, echoed his sadness and his determination. So we must change with it. But first he'd remove part of this potential triad before it had the chance to form. If magic couldn't complete the task, then trickery and cold steel would.

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Saturday, 23 January 2016


Time flies, and it's Snippet Time again. I'm still working on the drafts of Tawny, so after the brief glimpse of Greymalkin, the first book in the series, it's back to Tawny again. Here's my Rainbow Snippet from Chapter 6;

Now you should talk to him. The sly thought whispered into his head and he flushed.

"Are you reading my mind?" he hissed, glaring at the cat. Tawny casually washed his forepaw and wiped it over his ear.

No, just your expression, and your smell.

"My what?" he gasped, appalled. "I don't smell!"

Your arousal does. It's not unpleasant, he added, and groomed his other ear. 

~  *  ~

For more tantalising snippets from a whole host of authors, see the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Garret Syndrome - Revisited

Back in December 2014 I wrote a blog for Manifold Press titled The Garret Syndrome.
Since then I've been to several conventions, as well as less formal gatherings, all geared towards the readers and writers of GLBTQ fiction. Last Saturday was the latest excursion, and it underscored once more how necessary these communal meetings of like-minded people are.

The venue was the Snug in The Town Mills, an old pub on Andover's River Anton, complete with its still-turning waterwheel, and I have to thank Charley Cochrane for discovering that gem of a place.

A dozen or so readers and writers met there for no other reason than to socialise. We are a mixed bunch to say the least. We cover the gamut of the Kinsey Scale, our ages range from - well, let's just say we cover three generations. Most of us had met before, and it was great to meet a few we knew only from Facebook. To me, the atmosphere was like that of a cheerful family reunion.

Writing is a lonely business. You're either researching until your brain explodes, or shut away in your own head, choreographing conflicts and love scenes, running through conversations, juggling plot-arcs, and reality can come as a bit of a jolt. Or, you're in the worst case scenario; stuck fast in a mental swamp, unable to tie even so much as a couple of sentences together. Often, an on-line chat with a friend can help, but the best things are these face-to-face meetings, relaxing with a beer or glass of red, a coffee or a tea. Whether it's just two of you, or a crowd, the results are the same. Suddenly the ideas spark, the swamp disappears, and you're back in business.

These get-togethers are invaluable. Grab every chance you can to be part of one; you won't regret it.

Saturday, 16 January 2016


Tawny is finished! Not that the work is over - I'm working through the usual drafts, editing and tweaking as I go. This time, instead of sentences from Tawny, I'm offering some from Greymalkin, the first in the series. Apologies, Jesse' first meeting with Greymalkin is a bit more than six sentences.

~ * ~

A large grey cat had hopped up onto a reddish gravestone and sat there, peering intently at something in the long grass, its bushy tail curled around its toes. Jesse wondered briefly how an animal of that size could perch on a narrow slab of granite, and waited for it to jump or fall off. The cat did neither. Perhaps it sensed his gaze, because it turned its head and stared right back at him.

Jesse was not a devotee of felines--his pet of choice would be a large dog, a Golden Retriever, perhaps, or a Labrador--so he saluted the cat with a two-fingered V, and strolled back to the bench. By the time he sat again, the cat was on the wall. Its eyes, he noticed, were yellow as an owl's.

"Bugger off," he told it. The cat didn't even blink. What's your problem? the flat glare seemed to say.

Melusine's Cats #1 - Greymalkin

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The mutual attraction between Jesse and Will is a bonus for Melusine when her enemies close in and she needs to rebuild her war band—starting with Jesse, Will, and Greymalkin.

Jesse Adams is an ex-rugby player who's gone into seclusion to avoid the media following a guilty verdict in a court case. Jesse has come to live for a year in Greenlynn, where he is supposed to be writing his biography.

Will Blake is an out and proud policeman, respected and liked by the community he helps to protect from rural crime.

When the two men meet their attraction is instant, but they have no idea their love will draw them into a centuries' old conflict.

Melusine, a deity of rivers and seas,  long ago lost the Battle of the Betrayal and is imprisoned in a nexus centred on the source of the Lynn River. She can only travel in the flowing water of her river, and cannot set foot on her banks. Her cats are not so bound. Neither pets nor familiars, they move freely between the realities, her agents among the humans who live along the Lynn.

When Melusine's enemies come to the valley in search of revenge, Jesse and Will discover they have a part to play in the ancient feud. Do they commit to becoming part of a mythical triad, or leave the valley and forget they ever knew that magic exists?

~ * ~

Saturday, 9 January 2016


My Rainbow Snippet from Chapter 5 of Tawny – a lot happened in this chapter, and it was difficult to choose which six sentences to go with…

"Okay," Hal said through gritted teeth. "Let's stick to the basic Real World facts. Gryff is the victim of an assault, he isn't going to press charges, and he doesn't want to go to hospital. Any other beef you may or may not have with him you deal with away from this pub. You want to play fantasy war-games, fine. But you leave the Black Dog out of it. And that includes giant bloody cats," he added, glaring at Tawny and Greymalkin.

For more tantalising snippets from a whole host of authors, see the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group

Friday, 8 January 2016

In Other News...

So here we are in 2016. And, no, I haven't made any NY Resolutions. Instead I have A Plan. 

First of all, I'm in the process of editing the first draft of Tawny, the second in my Melusine's Cats series. I'll be self-publishing this some time in the next month, all appendages crossed and the moon in the right quarter...

Blurb: Hal Rayner enjoys his job at Greenlynn's Black Dog pub. He gets on well with the locals, and has been adopted by the usually standoffish pub cat. Then the dreams start, a red-headed stranger turns up, and before he knows it, Hal is caught up in other-worldly danger and weirdness. The cat, Tawny, is right in the middle of it, and Hal can't understand how a common or garden mog can become something out of a prehistoric nightmare.

Gryffyth, the son of Nodens Silverhand, has been released from long imprisonment, and despite the unhealed wound given to him by Melusine in that distant battle, the years haven't blunted his hunger for revenge. He is still loyal to Gronw, and when Morgan sends for him, he willingly gives his aid. Gryff is determined to find and free his imprisoned liege lord. Then he meets Hal and Tawny, and suddenly the rules have changed.

~ * ~

Come February 1st, I have a title due for re-release - Carlyle's Crossing from Manifold Press. 

Blurb: Jubal, the last Carlyle, lives the full width of the continent away from his Abenaki ancestors until a letter from a lawyer draws him and best friend Sal to the suffering town of Whitewater, Vermont - where dark forces, unleashed by one man's obsession, bring depression and hopelessness to the people. 

Jubal's father was unable to drive back the incursion, but Jubal knows he must try; without knowledge or training he has only instinct to rely on - and Sal, who is rapidly becoming far more than a 'friend with benefits'. The dangers they face are insidious, and their lives and sanity are at risk - and so much more.

~ * ~

On the writing front, I have two in the immediate pipeline; Coins Not Accepted, and my as yet untitled wolf-shifter story. They will both be submitted to publishers on completion.

Also in the wings is Ice, second in the Salisbury Tales series, to be co-written with the rather wonderful RJ Scott.

I'm hoping to make a start on Pyewacket, the third of Melusine's Cats, but that will depend on me keeping up a sensible writing speed on the other projects.

Apart from Ice, they are all paranormals of various genres. And Coins Not Accepted will be me dipping my paws in the steampunk genre, a new one for me.

~ * ~

Saturday, 2 January 2016


A New Year, and a new Snippet...

Happy New Year, everyone, may 2016 bring you joy, peace, and all the creativity you wish for.

My Rainbow Snippet from Chapter 4 of Tawny – sorry, it sneaked into seven sentences…

Hal's offer of a ride into Portlynn hadn't been entirely altruistic. The weird dream had stayed with him, and he had yet to find a quiet space to sit and think about it. But the warning from his subconscious was clear, regardless of the fantasy aspects and giant cats. Beware of strangers. So he owed it to himself to find out a lot more about this one particular stranger. Right? Of course, right, and it had nothing at all to do with the other dream that had graced his sleep and caused him to wake up with the sheet stuck to his belly by dried semen.

For more tantalising snippets from a whole host of authors, see the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group