Saturday, 26 December 2015


First of all, wherever you are and however you celebrate [or not] this time of year, I hope your days and nights are filled with love, joy, hope and peace.

My Rainbow Snippet from Chapter 3 of Tawny, and here is the first glimpse Hal has of Tawny's dual aspect...

Tawny didn't move, the light didn't change, but suddenly a huge semitransparent form loomed behind the cat. It yawned, exposing fangs as long as his forearm, and familiar eyes the colour of citrine blinked lazily at him. Darker cinnamon markings outlined those eyes in a lyre mask. Its coat was a rich reddish gold, creamy on its throat and belly. Then the cat, tiny by comparison, disappeared, leaving only the now solidified image of its monstrous avatar. I am Tawny. Come, walk with me.

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