Saturday, 19 December 2015


It's Rainbow Snippets time again, and I'm continuing to work on editing the first draft of Tawny. I'll post a Snippet from each chapter – unedited, I hasten to add - over the next however many weeks.

The cover is by the uber-talented and Very Nice Person, Meredith Russell. 

From Chapter Two:

No path led up to the ruin. Ignoring the ache behind his eyes, Gryff waded through wet bracken and heather, avoided the gorse bushes, and finally stood in front of the gaping hole where a door had once hung. Failing wards shimmered like strands of torn chiffon in his inner sight, and he brushed past them into a single room. It had been partially restored by weave-work, and recently abandoned. Blood pooled across the floor, still-sodden red rags lay in a pile, but of Morgan and Hilde, there were no signs. Whatever had happened here had occurred only a few hours ago. They'd probably met with resistance when they searched for Gronw's prison, which meant they were close to success.

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