Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Back To Front...

Okay, the usual sequence of events in a story's growth is this, And yes, I have greatly simplified this list, leaving out all the creation and building of the characters, the world building, the research...:

1. Start the story while angsting over the title until one feels right.
2. Battle over the mid-story hump.
3. Battle through the last chapter brain-slump
4. Finish the story.
5. Put it through umpteen drafts.
6. Send it to beta readers and try to distract self with another Work in Progress while waiting for their responses.
7. When those responses come in, edit and tweak accordingly.
8a. Submit to a publisher and retreat to those distraction tecniques again - OR -
8b. If self-publishing start the Great Photo Hunt.


That sequence has been pretty much turned on its head for two stories in my WiP folder. Cause and Effect has been sitting there for quite a while. I know the characters, I know the story arc - it's a paranormal - On the run from crooks and the FBI, Rob hides out in an old deserted house, only to discover he has to confront the results of his teenage stupidity before it kills him. As soon as I saw the picture in Meredith Russell's Ready-made Cover Deal, I knew I had to grab it quick.

Meredith's site is HERE

In the other case I found the cover picture first. I purchased a creation of the uber-talented D.W. Skinner, and it suggested its own title - As Above, So Below - which I added to the photo. All I know is, it will be another paranormal.

D.W.'s site is HERE 

So there you have it. And all I have to do is work my way through my ever-expanding Work in Progress folder, most of which aren't listed on my site, and write them!

Easier said than done...

~ * ~


  1. At least you know you won't run out of things to do for many years to come. =}

  2. That's so true, Pat. I have so many ideas awaiting attention, and I have the uncomfortable feeling I'm going to run out of time... :-)