Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Fresh Start... Sort of.

As of today, the copyrights to my remaining books with Silver Publishing are back with me, and apart from the royalties owed to me for the first quarter of this year, I no longer have any ties with that publishing house. I have no idea whether I will ever receive those royalties, but since the amount will almost certainly be small, I won't lose any sleep over it.

I can only speak for myself, and others have already written eloquently about those events. The anger I felt has long since passed, leaving only sadness. The editors, the cover artists, the administration backroom staff were among the best in the business and to see such great potential scarred by events outside of their control is a grievous thing.

Still, life goes on. Those books, Finders, Keepers, Paradox, Dark Waters, and my m/f paranormal romance Argent Dreaming, will all be self-published under my Kouros Books label over the next three weeks, starting off with Dark Waters and Argent Dreaming. Two of them have truly great covers by Meredith Russell, two I have made myself and I'm pretty pleased with the result. I won't ask people to guess which is which - it's rather obvious *G*

Next week it'll be Paradox, my contemporary timeslip [sort of] story, and the week after, I'll publish Finders, Keepers.

Once all this is behind me, I hope I can settle down to a proper writing routine. While I will readily admit to being 1] too easily distracted, and 2] a very slow writer, it's also 3] a case of being in a state of limbo that caused a certain amount of uncertainty and worry, neither of which are conducive to creativity and concentration.

But I have Plans. *Nods*. I have so many Works in Progress it isn't funny, and at least half of them will be self-published. Others will be offered to my existing publishers, and some to at least two new-to-me publishers.

So watch this space, and wish me luck? And, uh, please buy my books?