Friday, 21 February 2014

The Care and Nurturing of Titles

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Titles are odd, elusive things. Often a working label will have to do until the first draft of the story is close to the finish or is complete. Then they might poke a noses out of the undergrowth. But frequently an author has to hunt them down along with a lot of head-scratching and frustrated mutterings, much the same as those other infuriating feral critters, the blurb and the tag line.

Occasionally, though, a title will leap into being with figurative banners waving and a basic story arc keeping it company. When that happens, the author needs to entice them into a file or notebook of their own and nurture them with loving attention, chocolate and red wine [or beverage of choice].

That's happened to me twice recently. Two really catchy titles that immediately presented their own storylines. The first thing I did on each occasion was check the book section on Amazon, as always, to see how many other books out there had the same title. To my surprise and delight, none did! And no, I'm not going to announce them until the stories are published - they're mine, all mine, I tell you! Well, until they're up on Amazon and All Romance eBooks, that is. There's no copyright on titles, after all, LOL. 

So, here I am with two more WiPs gnawing away at me, adding to the already long list of stories waiting to be written. One, already with its own cover from the talented Meredith Russell, and into the second chapter, is a contemporary sort-of-western set in New Mexico, not far from Santa Fe. The other is set in the UK's currently much beleaguered West Country, though the horrible destructive weather of the last few months will play no part in it since it takes place in the summer. And there they'll sit, happily ensconced in their own little worlds, until I can give them the attention they deserve. 

Friday, 14 February 2014

A Hopless Blog...

This was going to be part of a Blog Hop, but unfortunately I had to drop out. Still, why waste the four questions that had been posed when I can inflict them on anyone who reads my blogs, hm?

Sooo, this is the way the Quinton mind works...

What are you working on?

Right now I have a lot on my writing plate. I'm three-quarters through the first draft of Greymalkin, the first in my Melusine's Cats series, a contemporary paranormal set in Devon, England. I'm also co-writing Heat with RJ Scott, a
contemporary m/m romance set in my home city of Salisbury, also in England. And I'm co-writing Against The Tide with Terri Beckett, a paranormal m/m cop story set in Tampa, Florida. Then there's my cowboy m/m romance set in New Mexico - it does have a title, but I'm hugging it close at the moment *g*, along with another idea that bit me a few days ago. On the editing front, I'm about to get stuck into the edits for my Undercover Blues story for Manifold Press, and any day now the edits for my sort story In The Dog House for the Dreamspinner anthology, Not Quite Shakespeare will be arriving in my In Box.

Then there's all the other stuff cluttering the shelves in my Plotting Shed, WiPs and rough outlines as well as copious research notes.

How does your work differ from others of its genre? 

Whether the genre is paranormal, contemporary or science fiction  most of my m/m stories centre around a meeting of equals, two strong men coming together. The dynamics that shape their relationships, the give and take as they work out how they mesh their lives to forge a lasting relationship, fascinate me and form the core of my stories.

Why do you write what you do?

I love the freedom that writing about two heroes gives me, a freedom I didn't feel when I wrote m/f romance. Also, there's the wanting to make a difference thing. I'd love it if romances featuring two men hit the mainstream.

How does your writing process work?

The first thing is usually a scene that pops into my head. Then I have to find out who these men are, their names - very important, that - and where they're coming from. Then I need the title. For some reason the title is necessary to me. It grounds the story in my head. I usually have the basics in my head. I know the start, I usually have the finish, and key scenes in between. But nothing is carved in stone. Often angles and twists will appear out of the blue, things I hadn't consciously thought out but just seem to appear on the screen. The major drawback is that I'm a very slow writer! I wish I could get my work out there quicker, but so far I haven't managed to speed up.

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Friday, 7 February 2014

Two Re-Releases From Kouros Books!

As their two-year contracts run out, I've been gradually self-publishing the re-edited books with brand new covers by the talented Meredith Russell. The latest two are Home And Heart, and now Sullivan's Yard.

At the end of March, more books revert to me, and I'll be self-publishing them as well, so watch this space...

Sullivan's Yard

Cal Beaufontaine, the son of a Creole/Cajun restaurateur, has graduated from The Culinary Institute of America, and is starting his career as an apprentice chef in Modesto, California. He moves into a small apartment in what once was a warehouse for a nearby derelict peach farm, Sullivan's Yard. His first night in the apartment, Cal dreams of making love in his backyard beneath a peach tree in full bloom, but can't see his lover's features. There is no peach tree in his backyard, just weeds.

He starts work at the Alhambra, a top restaurant owned and run by the Alvarez de Silva family, and on his first day there, Cal meets Luis Alvarez de Silva, the Andalusian cousin and one-night-stand expert. Cal is immediately attracted but has no intention of becoming a notch on Luis's bedpost. Luis is as taken with Cal, and begins a determined seduction campaign.

Cal's driving ambition to learn all he can and run his own restaurant could be knocked off-track by his growing desire for Luis.

Available at Amazon, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks

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Home And Heart 

December in the Cotswolds, deep in the heart of England, and Ben Elliot of Home-Safe House & Pet Sitting is looking after Mrs Bonney’s home and two dogs while the elderly lady is away for two months recovering from an operation. When her black-sheep grandson, Adam Prescott, turns up on the doorstep, Ben has to take in the stray human as well. Adam, hurting and betrayed by family, boyfriend and Fate, needs to have his faith in others restored, and Ben decides he is the one to do it.

Having gone through an acrimonious split with his boyfriend, Adam has no home, no money, no job and nowhere to go, except his grandmother's house. The son of an abusive, violent father, there's a lot of anger and resentment in him, demons he must exorcise. When he learns an unpleasant truth about his father, Ben helps him come to terms with it, and to find a new direction for his life - together, Ben hopes. But then Adam's ex-boyfriend shows up, offering him the world on a platter if only Adam will come back to him.

Christmas may not be a time of celebration for Ben.

Available at Amazon, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks

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