Monday, 2 September 2013


Deciding to self-publish wasn't an easy choice, but when I began to receive back the copyrights  as books reached the end of their two year contracts, it seemed a logical one. After all, I'm not one of the Big Guns in the authorly world, so saddling another publisher with secondhand titles didn't strike me as being profitable for them.

So I tested the waters with a short story - FALLING AGAIN, and put it up on Amazon, All Romance e-Books and Smashwords for $0.99.
In an effort to keep costs down, I created the cover myself from a photo purchased from a royalty-free site. It seemed to work just fine, FALLING got the usual range of reviews on Goodreads, from 5 stars to 2 stars, so I thought, what the heck - go ahead. So I did.

But I needed a name - a logo of sorts. Since I write primarily men falling in love with men, I eventually decided on Kouros Books. The word 'kouros' in Greek means [male] youth and refers to a particular type of statuary from pre-5th century BC, of a young man standing upright with his arms at his sides, and facing forwards. While I had photos of this style of statuary from my visit to Greece a few years ago, none of them were good enough for what I wanted. 

So, because I have a great love and admiration for Classical Greece, and the Greco-Roman world, I decided on Antinous, Hadrian's young lover. Luckily I'd taken several photos of him while in Athens' Museum and one of them worked perfectly.. Yes, he is a youth, and the style isn't the formality of the earlier kouroi - but he is so very beautiful...

*Ahem*, okay, moving on... I now have four titles with Kouros Books , one first edition, the others second editions, with more projected. The next one to appear under the Kouros banner will be the free read The Renfrew Files #1 The Carpenter's Tale. This is a much-expanded edition of a short story published in a free anthology from Silver Publishing, and features Mark Renfrew, closeted psychic, and Jack Faulkner, freelance archaeologist...

... It should have been a bit of a break for Mark, attending an archaeological conference with his lover. No ghosts, no drama beyond the academic. But it didn't work out that way. The modern Five Star hotel held a dark secret, and Mark knew he had to uncover it before more people were hurt.

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