Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Amazon Issues and the Free Read

The Carpenter's Tale is a Free Read from Kouros Books. It is free on All Romance eBooks and on Smashwords. But NOT on Amazon. Since I'm publishing it through other distributors, the Kindle Direct Publishing setup does not allow me to select a price lower that $0.99 - which it immediately ups to $1.19.

Over the last few days, I and others have used the book's page to inform Amazon it is free on other sites. No effect. I emailed Amazon Customer Services to request their help in amending the price for Carpenter to zero.

They replied... "Thank you for your information on pricing. From time to time, we may match free promotions on other sales channels, but we retain discretion over our retail prices.In the future, you can let us know about lower prices through our website by clicking the link to "Tell us about a lower price" under the "Product Details" section for your title. Please be sure to specify all of the websites which are selling the book at a lower price.Thanks for using Amazon KDP."

Since it is STILL showing a price on Amazon, I then replied... "My ebook, The Carpenter's Tale, is FREE on ALL ROMANCE eBOOKS and on SMASHWORDS. I want it to be FREE on Amazon as well, but KDP makes this borderline impossible. I don't want to remove it from the Amazon database, but if this pricing issue cannot be resolved, I will have no choice. "

If anyone has any suggestions about where I go from here, I'll be happy to try them. 

All I can add is, I apologise. I am not trying to screw money out of people - this is down to Amazon, not me. PLEASE DON'T BUY IT - you can download it for free in Kindle-friendly formats from Smashwords and All Romance eBooks

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