Monday, 29 July 2013

Monday Mutterings - an Update

I have a busy time ahead in the next week - the approaching arrival of CARLYLE'S CROSSING from Total E-Bound, publishing NEVER TOO LATE when the rights revert to me, and the necessary promo work on both.

Then I remembered this morning that I have to revise for self-publishing another short story whose rights have reverted to me - THE CAMERAMAN'S TALE from the no longer available Hearts Of England anthology. And next month I will have to start thinking about UNDERCOVER BLUES for Manifold Press...

All this over and above working on several stories and trying to cope with other demands... Not easy. And at times, not as much fun as writing usually is. What can I say - I like challenges, but hate deadlines... It doesn't help that all my various projects/tasks have formed a log-jam in my skull that will take mental dynamite to shift.

Sooo, while I'm attempting to get my head organised, CARAVAGGIO'S ANGEL is taking a slight sideways step, while GREYMALKIN has moved back a bit. Between you, me and the gatepost, this irritates the hell out of me. I was enjoying working on both stories, and when Real Life and other pressures intervene, it pisses me off.

CARLYLE'S CROSSING will be available for Pre-Order from Total E-Bound on August 2nd.
NEVER TOO LATE will be re-released on August 1st from Kouros Books, and be available from All Romance e-Books and from Amazon as fast as I can manage it.

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