Friday, 22 March 2013

STARFALL - Re-Released!

On March 19th 2013 Starfall reached the end of its two year contract with Silver Publishing, and all rights have reverted to me - so I have self-published it under the auspices of my Kouros Books label, along with a brand new cover from the talented Meredith Russell!

Starfall is available from Amazon, All Romance e-Books and Smashwords, and because it is a re-release, I'm offering it for a couple of bucks LESS than the 1st edition's selling price.

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Ash is looking for his sister. He refuses to accept she's dead and he's come halfway across the galaxy to the lakes of Vermont in search of her.

Faye and Conn are on the trail of an underage runaway who has no intention of going back to Florida with them.

They all meet up in Amassol, Vermont. When Ash and Conn encounter each other, the attraction is immediate and almost overwhelming.  It's also impossible. Ash's mission and Conn's assignment, as well as rival street gangs, make sure of that.


"What's suddenly bitten your ass?" Rose demanded, thumping another beer in front of him.

Ash shrugged. "Just remembered something I was supposed to do," he lied. He could feel the man's presence scratching at the edges of his awareness, and indisputably there. No, that was impossible. He was imagining it. For a moment Ash lost track of what Rose was saying. Of course it was his imagination. This wasn't a Fourth Consortium planet. It was a Class One Prohibited World, poised on the edge of space-flight and with no knowledge at all of the species and politics that lay beyond their solar system. There was no way he would be drawn in—not for casual sex and never by the deep-in-the-gut awareness of a true connection. Rose's knuckles tapping none too lightly on his forehead brought him back with a jolt.

"Earth to Ash," she drawled, amused. "For the second time I'm asking, Angi isn't here yet. Is she going to be late tonight?"

 "Uh, probably. She's gone to the discount warehouse in Montpelier with Emma. The Lodge was running out of basics ahead of schedule, she said. I told your dad at lunchtime," he added.

 Rose scowled. "Oh, great. So of course the drunken bum forgot to tell me. Fuck!" She made an obvious attempt to sweeten her expression. "Hey, want to earn a few extra bucks? I booked the Raiders for tonight and it's gonna be busy. They're a popular band around here."

 "Behind the bar or bouncing?"

 "How about both? Not that I'm expecting trouble, but you never know these days."

 "Okay." Ash glanced at his watch. He wouldn't be able to search another segment of the lake that night, but he could do with the extra cash. "I have to finish up at the Lodge first. Nine o'clock?"

"Great. The band should be setting up then. Be here by eight-thirty and I'll throw in a burger on the house before you start. Dad's promised to be sober this evening."

 "Deal." He smiled and drained his beer in long swallows. Being a carbon-based life form on a planet that shared the same fundamental chemistry as his own species had its advantages. There wasn't much in the way of food and drink he had to avoid.

 Ash took another quick look at the couple in the corner on his way to the door. The woman was watching him with unhidden interest. He knew most of the people he'd met here thought of him as handsome—and that had taken some getting used to, after years of his family and friends teasing him about his height, his heavy-set body, and coarse features. Then her companion looked up and for the first time since he'd landed on this planet, Ash's shades provided no barrier. The man locked eyes with him and Ash swore under his breath. A slow fire began in his blood. Yes, there was no possibility he was imagining it. He had never experienced the sensation before but it was hard-wired into his psyche. Every Vyan knew what to expect when they met their true-bond. The connection was real and unless he was very careful, it would only strengthen from now on. At least, it would as far as he, Ash, was concerned. What the Douryan felt—if anything—was another matter entirely. Either way, it meant he was effectively shafted.

 Ash found he'd come to a halt, transfixed. The smolder abruptly flared toward a conflagration and his flesh was stirring, hardening. No. With another curse he strode for the door, letting it slam shut behind him.
~~~ * ~~~

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