Saturday, 9 February 2013

Love Is Love - New Anthology from Silver

Released Today! Silver Presents... Love Is Love


Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Love does not conform to any one narrow definition. Love between two men is as poignant and true as love between a man and a woman. Love is love.

My May/December story, Never Too Late, is among some pretty stellar contributions.

Stuart's long-time partner died six years ago, and he's been alone ever since. Then he meets Tom. But Tom is twenty years his junior, and Stuart can't take that in his stride.

Their age difference is irrelevant to Tom. This is it for him. All he has to do is convince Stuart.


Normally it took Stuart less than ten minutes to walk from the park's Pinetum Drive entrance to his home on Seager Street. Not this time. Having to stop and sort out leashes, and thwart the attempts of the two Jack Russells to terrorize every small mammal they saw, more than doubled the journey time.
Maggie's house sat opposite his toward the end of the cul-de-sac. The dogs had settled down as they turned into the street, trotting along in some semblance of order. But Stuart frowned. A strange car occupied Maggie's driveway, and two people stood in front of her porch, the woman mostly shielded by the man. Lala yipped and struggled to be put down, while the others started up a storm of yapping and furiously wagging tails. Stuart set the poodle on the ground and the dogs surged forward. The man turned round, revealing Maggie's pretty granddaughter. The man, though, was a stranger.
In seconds, the dogs had surrounded the pair, tightly binding their legs and forcing them into each other's arms. Deanna laughed, hugging her boyfriend. His arms were locked tight around her, his grin wide and white in his tanned and freckled face. Beneath his unruly tangle of brown hair, his eyes were startlingly blue, and the web of fine lines at their corners told Stuart this boy—man—did a lot of smiling.
"It's like a scene from that Disney movie," Deanna chuckled. "Hi, Uncle Stu, it's great to see you again."
"You, too, honey," Stuart replied, and bent to free the couple from their hobbles and the milling dogs. "You do know your gran isn't here, right?"
"Yes." Her expression darkened, became uncharacteristically sad. "I called her and asked if we could stay a while. I needed a break away and, well, it's been a tough month, you know? Anyhow," she continued, voice and face brightening. "Uncle Stu, this is Thomas Szabo. Tom, this is Stuart Donovan, my honorary uncle."
They shook hands solemnly, though Tom kept one arm securely around the girl's waist.
"It's good to meet you, sir," Tom said. "Deanna's talked a lot about you. All of it good," he added hastily, a flush reddening his cheeks. He looked to be in his mid-twenties, like Deanna. He stood an inch or so shorter than Stuart and his lean frame was at least forty pounds lighter. Stuart realized he was still holding the boy's—man's hand and released it quickly. 

This anthology includes:

A Return to Normalcy by Anel Viz
Clean Monday by A.J. Llewellyn and DJ Manly
Smoke Break by Allison Cassatta
Unmasked by Patricia Logan
Chosen by Pelaam
Never Too Late by Chris Quinton
Leap of Faith by Lexi Ander
My Unintended by Faith Ashlin
Solitude Disrupted by Andy Slayde and Ali Wilde
Lord Godiva’s Pony Training by S.A. Garcia
Watching for Love by Sara York
Far from Home by Serena Yates
Roadside Rescue by Nicole Dennis
Check Mate by Sammy Jo Hunt

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