Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Looking Back and Forward Again

For the last three New Years' Resolutions, I followed [or tried to follow] a Threefold Path of Intent;

I hereby state that my New Year's Resolutions are: I Will NOT Procrastinate. I Will NOT Be Distracted. I WILL Have Self-Discipline. With whips if necessary. So there, Brain. Cough up the goods.

So how did I do? Same as last year - Pretty damned well on some fronts, not so good on others.

1. Health issues that began late in 2011 and were diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetes in early 2012 kind of threw my writing schedule off track. The diabetes isn't going to go away, ever, so in an effort to avoid taking the medication, a drastic readjustment to my diet was needed. So far it is working, in that my glucose levels are low-ish and stable, and my weight has dropped. It took a little while before I was settled enough in my own mind to get back into the swing of writing.

2. Had eight stories published, from novel-length to a self-published short story;

Fox Hunt - Manifold Press
Sullivan's Yard - Silver Publishing
Paradox - Silver Publishing
Finders, Keepers - Silver Publishing
The Cameraman's Tale in the Hearts of England Anthology - Siver Publishing
Falling Again - self-pubbed
Dark Waters - a rerelease - Silver Publishing
The Fitzwarren Inheritance Trilogy - all three stories from me, RJ Scott and Sue Brown - Silver Publishing

3. I did well on the kudos front in 2012 *g*
But I've already crowed blogged about them, so I won't blather on again.

4. On the upside, I have finally finished Fool's Rush, the final book in the Fool's Odyssey Trilogy, and it will be released by Manilfold Press on February 1st. I've had a short story - Never Too Late - accepted for the anthology Love Is Love, due for release from Silver on February 9th.

On the downside, or rather the potentially good side if I get my finger out, I have a list of WiPs to work on;

Top priority is Carlyle's Crossing

Second priority is Caravaggio's Angel - or maybe Over The Wall

Then, still lurking in the wings are, in no particular order:
Starfall: Second Contact - first refusal to Silver Publishing
Cause and Effect
The Carandor Interface
The Lennox Selkie
Bennett's Folly
Taking A Chance
and sundry other wisps of ideas not yet solidified into a plot line.

5. This year I cannot backslide and let myself be distracted. 
Some of those WiPs *have* to be finished and submitted.

SO 2013's NY Res?? Exactly the same:

I Will NOT Procrastinate. I Will NOT Be Distracted. I WILL Have Self-Discipline. With whips if necessary. So there, Brain. You *can* do it - after all, you didn't do too shabbily in 2012.

~ * ~

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