Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Fool's Odyssey

Yesterday, the Paranormal Romance Guild gave the first two parts of my Fool's Odyssey trilogy a Third Place in their Best of 2012 Alternative Series category. To say I am delighted is probably the British Understatement of the year - thank you to all who voted for me, and congratulations to all the winners.

Fool's Rush, the final part of this trilogy, will be released on February 1st 2013, and I am keeping all my appendages crossed that it will be as well-received as its siblings.

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The third and final part of the Fool’s Odyssey trilogy
by Chris Quinton

Father Esteve hires Xavi to trace the true owners of the gold found in the crypt of San Pedro-by-the-Wall, but it’s an old and tangled web. Someone has an undisclosed agenda, and a rising tide of anti-vampire reaction sweeps through Barcelona. It’s focused on Xavi and Andreas, which causes additional problems with the vampires of Renaissance. Then Xavi meets a handsome young man who isn’t all he seems, and that’s when things begin to get even more complicated…

~ * ~ 


Second in the FOOL'S ODYSSEY Trilogy from Manifold Press

Xavi gives his word - and breaks it. In a rush of over-confidence on his part, a friend dies bloodily and he is forced to face the reality of his new nature and the depth of his relationship with Andreas. And then there's the gold hidden in the walled-up crypt of the church...

~ * ~


from Manifold Press

First in the Fool’s Odyssey Trilogy

Xavi is a sometime hooker, sometime gigolo, working the rich pickings of wealthy tourists and bored socialites of Barcelona in 2042. His current meal ticket is Sophia Matas, the wife of a prominent politician. Then Sophia is assassinated and he’s the only witness. Within hours, Xavi finds himself in protective custody and in a safe house. His guardian is Andreas, a vampire liaising with the Barcelona police.

Andreas needs to exert control - of himself, his abilities, and his relationships. Now he must keep Xavi safe. If he can keep Xavi in one place long enough. They embark on an affair that will define who and what they are, played out in an deadly dance of kill-or-be-killed danger.

~ * ~

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