Tuesday, 29 January 2013

2+2=2 for Tray Ellis

I thought DD #6 was the last, but I had a late Challenge come in - from a snowboarding fanatic, which was an additional challenge for me!

So here is Double Drabble #7

This is Tray's Challenge.

Her names are Ewan and Jack, and her sentences are in bold.

Ewan had spent the day in the park, working on his backside 360s off the rollers, and occasionally playing around grinding some sweet kinked rails. He was headed for the bar and a well deserved beer, when he noticed a familiar bright blue jacket, and was pretty sure he'd seen the guy lay down a 540 with a stalefish grab.

He knew the man--well, he knew his name, though they'd not been introduced. Jack Prentiss, one of the park's best riders. It wasn't only Jack's skill on the board that had caught Ewan's attention. It was his hawklike profile, long lean legs and taut ass. Jack had noticed him right back, and Ewan had hopes.

Suddenly Jack turned and strode quickly toward Ewan, looking over his shoulder. They collided in the doorway.

"Sorry," Jack said, grabbing Ewan's arms for support. His eyes widened and he smiled. "See that tall blonde girl at the bar? Ever since I told her she needs to ride a man's stick, she's been chasing me. Help me show her I'm not a good choice?"

"Sure," Ewan began. Then Jack kissed him. They needed to discuss this somewhere private, Ewan decided happily, like his room...

~ * ~

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