Friday, 25 January 2013

2+2=2 for Shirley Frances

Double Drabble #6 and last one for now

This is Shirley's Challenge. Her names are Julian and Max, and her sentences are in bold.

Julian looked over his shoulder to the man and the life he was leaving behind, and took a breath. His voice cracked when he looked at Max and said, "Just say the word, Max, and I'll stay."

"I can't," Max answered quietly. Bonny leaned against his leg and sighed. She recognized the pain under Max's words as easily as Julian. "We both know you have to do this. If you stay, you'll always wonder, what if... and blame me."

"No!" Julian protested. But he knew Max was right. "Come with me," he added desperately. Even as he spoke, he realized his stupidity. No way could Max and Bonny cope out there. Earthquakes and political unrest meant Eritrea wasn't a haven of safety.

Max's smile spoke of love, of understanding and loss. It dazzled Julian, and his own grief stung his eyes.

"Don't be dumb," Max drawled. "Now go, or you'll miss your flight."

Julian wavered. One phone call, and he could stay...

"Go," Max ordered. "You're a Doctor Without a Border, remember."

Julian nodded, though he knew Max wouldn't see.

"I'll be back," he vowed, and walked away from Max and his guide dog, his own eyes blind with tears.

~ * ~

Well, that's all for now, folks. I'll be sending out another 2+2=2 Challenge for names and sentences in a few month's time. This has been fun - well, I've enjoyed it, and I hope you have as well *g*

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