Monday, 21 January 2013

2+2=2 for Margaret Turner

Double Drabble #2

This is Margaret's Challenge - her sentences are in bold, and the names she gave me were Thomas and Ashley.

Alberta was bloody cold this time of year and his tour didn't end until the spring. Still, at least he had more than warm thoughts to keep him going. Lecturing on his archaeological dig in mainland Greece provided memories of sundrenched days, and nights of heat and passion. Thomas cleared his throat and pressed the cue button. On the huge screen behind him, the aerial shot of the dig was replaced by an image of a large excavation. An archaeologist worked on one small area.
A murmur rippled through the students. Most were responding to the truly beautiful mosaic in the foreground, but Thomas heard appreciative whispers of, "Tasty!" and, "Oh, he's hot!" 

Ashley had been caught in the act of reaching across to place a find in the collection tray. He was, in the jargon of the students Thomas was lecturing, drop dead gorgeous.

Thomas briefly touched his wedding band. That excavation, where they’d discovered the Greco-Roman villa outside Pella, had doubled as their honeymoon. He looked up to the top row of the lecture theater. Ashley was there, anonymous in the dark, but Thomas could feel the warmth of his gaze, and his smile.

Alberta had its perks.

~~~ * ~~~

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