Sunday, 20 January 2013

2+2=2 for Diane Adams

Double Drabble #1

Diane Challenged me, and her two sentences are in bold... 

Jax stared into the distance lost in thought. He had so much to do, but all he could think of was Leon and wonder what could have come of things if timing had been better. He gave himself a mental kick in the ass. Concentrate! Lives could depend on this, not least his own. Afterward, when he got back, he'd explain the situation and hope Leon would understand, give them a chance to explore their embryonic relationship. That steadied him as nothing else could, and allowed his years of training to kick in.
Forms were filled out, files signed off and handed on to his replacement. A final debrief, then he was being ferried to the rendezvous to join his new team. Once there it was a case of hurry up and wait. Jax spent some of the time on last minute checks of the communications equipment and weaponry. They'd already been passed by Tech Support, of course, but he never left such things entirely to others.
Jax wished he'd told Leon how very important he'd become. Too late now. The signal flashed and with his team following, he climbed the metal steps.

"Welcome aboard Air Force One, Commander Adams."

~~~ * ~~~


  1. *Claps* OMG that's fantastic! but...but...where's the rest of my story?? What happens with Leon? I mean come on! lol

  2. isnt it obvious? Leon is the one saying "Welcome aboard....." =P