Sunday, 20 January 2013

2+2=2 Diane Adams #2

Diane wanted to know about poor Leon - so here's Leon's Double Drabble *g*

"--the President on his way to crisis talks with Germany's--" Leon hit standby on the remote, not interested in the fleeting image of his President's lean form striding up the steps of Air Force One, followed by his security detail. He had a crisis of his own that was far more important than international relations. Where the fuck was Jax? And why wasn't he answering any calls? Leon swore and threw the remote onto the couch.

He'd been sure that something special was happening between them over the last month. They had enough in common that their differences seemed like perfect synchronicities. And Jax was hot. Average height, average build--until he stripped off, then all that well-proportioned muscle made him anything but. His features, too, were pleasant rather than strikingly handsome, yet when he smiled Leon was mesmerized.

Abruptly Leon froze in his tracks. Something... he'd seen... He lunged for the couch and grabbed the remote, flicked through channels until he found another news station. Once more the President climbed the steps. So did his security, and there at their head was Jax.

Leon understood immediately. He'd be here when Leon returned. They could make this work.

~~~ * ~~~