Thursday, 27 December 2012

Feed Your E-Reader...

Christmas day has passed, the pressies are all oohed and aaahed over, so now it's time to catch your breath, recharge your batteries, and restock your ereader. Here are Manifold's two November releases: both are historicals, one set in Wales in the Second World War, the other a western, the sequel to Jane's highly acclaimed End Of The Trail

Make Do And Mend by Adam Fitzroy

The Second World War.  It’s not all fighting and glory; there are battles on the Home Front, too, and some are not exactly heroic.  That’s what injured naval officer Harry discovers when he befriends conscientious objector Jim – a friendship frowned upon in their small Welsh valley even before they begin to fall in love.  But they both have secrets to conceal, and it takes a bizarre sequence of events before the full truth can be uncovered.

A novel about healing, compromise, making the best of it and just plain managing to survive.

108,000 words/416 pages
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The Devil In Dead Horse by Jane Elliot


Will and John have a new life together, but unfortunately it seems as if their former lives are not completely behind them even now.  What was supposed to be a leisurely journey west turns into a fight for survival when they discover that an old enemy has taken over an innocent town, and that it’s going to need a hero to stop him – or perhaps even a whole group of heroes, willing to stand up and be counted.  It’s time for the real John Anderson, outlaw, to come out of retirement – but there’s still a price on his head, and now there’s a great deal more that he stands to lose…

67,000 words/260 pages

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Need more books to feed your e-reader? Then have a browse through all of Manifold's titles. Manifold is a small press, but the awards and Honorable Mentions it has received over the few years it's been in existence, speak of quality.

Watch this space, because on January 1st, 2013, the two titles due to be released on February 1st will be announced.

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