Monday, 31 December 2012

Coming Soon!

On February 9th 2013, Silver Publishing is releasing its Silver Presents... anthologies, showcasing the stellar talents of some of their authors. There's treats for everyone - all genres are featured in these beguiling, hot, intriguing short stories, and all three anthologies are available for preorder now! 

Love is Love (M/M Romance)

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Love does not conform to any one narrow definition. Love between two men is as poignant and true as love between a man and a woman. Love is love.

This anthology includes (more to be announced):
A Return to Normalcy by Anel Viz
Clean Monday by A.J. Llewellyn and DJ Manly
Smoke Break by Allison Cassatta
Unmasked by Patricia Logan
Chosen by Pelaam
Never Too Late by Chris Quinton
Leap of Faith by Lexi Ander
My Unintended by Faith Ashlin
Solitude Disrupted by Andy Slayde and AliWilde

Dreams and Desires (Heterosexual Romance)  

There's someone for everyone...the man of her dreams...the woman he desires. You never know where you'll meet or when. Will it be love at first sight or maybe an instant dislike that grows into familiarity and then love? Welcome to Silver Publishing's authors' dreams and desires.

This anthology contains (more to be announced):
A Fate Filled Christmas by Cheyenne Meadows
Aphrodite's Rubicon by Angel Martinez
Spanking the Boss by Heidi Lynn Anderson
Dreamscapes by Ashlynn Monroe
Sating the Slayer by Allison Cassatta
Cat Burglar by Pelaam


Three’s a Party (Ménage) 

Some loves are too big to confine themselves to just two. The heart has room for more. Three's a connection. Three's a relationship. Three's a party.

This anthology contains (more to be announced):
Slow Burn by Jade Astor
Three Lovers on the Grift by Edward Kendrick
Poly Sigh by Allison Cassatta
Nikki's Secret by TN Tarrant
Afternoon Delight by Caitlin Ricci

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