Tuesday, 6 November 2012

New Manifold Press Releases!

On November 1st, Manifold Press released two new titles - and a Box Set!

Jane Elliot is back again with another new project: THE DEVIL IN DEAD HORSE, the eagerly-awaited sequel to Jane’s outstandingly popular END OF THE TRAIL, carries the story of Will Connors and John Anderson forward another thrilling – if slightly darker – instalment.

At the same time Adam Fitzroy brings us MAKE DO AND MEND, a tale of two unlikely lovers which also highlights the lives and concerns of those whose battlefield during the Second World War was the undramatic and often overlooked Home Front.

By way of a bonus, Manifold presents the first of a proposed series of ‘box sets’ – this time it’s an opportunity to buy Julie Bozza’s two ‘Albert’ novels in a single purchase.  For more details, see THE COMPLETE ALBERT J. STERNE.