Monday, 6 August 2012

Hearts of England - Pre-Order Now!


Hearts Of England

an Anthology

Chris Quinton, Lisa Worrall, RJ Scott, S.A. Meade, Sue Brown & Meredith Russell

From the wilds of the Brontes' bleak moors and soft summer nights in Stratford upon Avon, to a chance meeting in a cosy tea shop: six stories in an anthology showing an England full of passion and love.

* * * * *

The Cameraman's Tale - Chris Quinton
Mark is a researcher for a paranormal reality TV show. A cameraman on the show encountered a ghost and needs his help. Mark must break the cycle of injury and death before filming begins, or others will be at risk.

Featuring Mark and Jack from the story: The Psychic's Tale.

By Design - Lisa Worrall
Robbie Cooper gets more than he bargains for when Shane Donald walks into his shop, photograph in hand, asking Robbie to tattoo the likeness on his skin. There’s something about the photograph and the way Shane talks about the man in the picture that ignites a spark deep inside Robbie, and he longs to know more. But will he like what he hears, and will he be able to control his instant attraction to his client?

Child Of Storm - RJ Scott
Ben Hyland is excited to be showing Cory Vasilyev Yorkshire. Cory scouts locations for film studios and needs the right inspiration for a new film version of Wuthering Heights. Problem is. while Ben wants to share his passion for the story and for the wild moors, Cory just wants to go home. Until he doesn't.

A Good Feeling - S.A. Meade
Jamie never expected to meet the love of his life in a tea shop. He never expected his lover, Connor, to be an Army Officer about to return to Afghanistan for one last deployment. After twelve short weeks together, Jamie has to face uncertainty and worry. Worry that Connor may not make it back alive, uncertainty that Connor will want him to be at the base, waiting, when he returns. Will the good feelings he always had about their future together survive their separation?

This Morning - Sue Brown
When Neil takes his son to school he doesn't expect Alex to tell him that he doesn't want to go to South Africa on a year-long trip with him and his husband. Neil has to make a choice between his son and his husband. He only hopes that Baz understands his son must come first, otherwise he faces the prospect of his love walking out of his life forever.

William's Heart - Meredith Russell
Jude is confident, happy, and views his world through the lens of a camera. Brody is a writer. Haunted, and searching for inspiration in Stratford-upon-Avon. In Jude, Brody finds something his heart has longed for—acceptance for who he is.
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