Monday, 18 June 2012

Visiting Erddig...

I'm currently staying with some friends in Cheshire, and we've done some traveling around, visiting interesting places. One of them was Erddig [pronounced Erthig], near Wrexham. This is a lovely Victorian mansion, and the family who owned it never threw anything away. All the furnishings and decorations inside belong with the house. It was the perfect place to test drive my new monopod *g*. I've had to discard too many otherwise nice shots because of camera-shake.

The family were unusually caring for their servants' comfort and wellbeing. The kitchen and other servants' offices, instead of being in the basement as was usual in the large houses, are at ground level.

The family's rooms are suitably grand. The dining room is lovely, and I have to confess that the tilt to the photo is down to me, not subsidence! I was trying to take the pic before another visitor walked into the room, and I alnmost succeeded. Someone's belly is in the right lower corner!

The bedrooms are as palatial - this is the master bedroom and it is protected by glass screens. All the bed furnishings and the wallpaper are original, and very delicate. They have to be kept at a constant temperature and free of anything that might come in with a visitor.

I couldn't review the photos on my camera, as the preview screen wasn't working for some reason [I've probably pushed the wrong button somwewhen...], so when I ran the SD card through my computer, I got very excited. Some of the shots actually had *orbs*! A phenomenon supposedly indicative of paranormal activity.

They also showed up in several shots I'd taken of other family rooms, but nowhere else. Once I'd calmed down and thought about it rationally *g*, I decided it was a combination of dust motes on the camera lens and the way the light hit the lens.

The servants rooms in the attic were spacious and rather nice compared to some I'd seen in other fancy houses.

The formal gardens were nice, but I didn't take many photos outside - it was pouring with rain!

There's more details on Erddig, and other people's photos of it HERE


  1. Vastine Bondurant18 June 2012 at 19:20

    The place is fabulous, and so are your photos! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, thanks for transporting me, even for an instant, in another time !