Saturday, 2 June 2012


There's a new site out there for readers and British writers of M/M romances set in Britain! *Fanfare* UK M/M Romance *Fanfare*

So, if you are an avid reader of M/M romance with strong plots, great characterisations, all based in the wonderfully varied settings of these Islands, then keep an eye on UK M/M Romance.

Likewise, and *just* as important, if you are a writer and have M/M stories in a UK setting, UK M/M Romance could be another home from home for you! And another avenue for promotion! If you'd like to come aboard, just contact any of us or leave a comment on the UK M/M Romance site.

I'm Wiltshire born and bred, and I've lived in Salisbury most of my life. It's a small city, and it has roots going back into prehistory.

Stonehenge is about six miles away and I used to cycle there regularly as a child. Can't do that now - there's a bloody great bypass cutting right across the old road *sigh*.

But Salisbury has its own claim to fame - our cathedral stands tallest in the UK, a whopping 404 ft of soaring architecture! 

The landscape all around me is full of history, and I've been fascinated by it since childhood. When I discovered archaeology, I was in seventh heaven *g*. 

When it comes to writing, I write the kind of books I like to read, be they contemporary, historical, science fiction or fantasy - strong men with flaws, finding each other, sometimes against the odds.

Five of my published books are set in England, the latest one being Paradox, a contemporary time-slip mystery novel where Phil finds himself stuck in another body in Roman Britain.

Paradox - Phil has a job he loves, full of danger and excitement most of the time, and a working partner he trusts with his life. Until Ryan kisses him. It's only meant to be a diversion tactic to convince the heavies they're two harmless gays, but that kiss shakes Phil's word to its foundations. He doesn't do commitment. He doesn't need or want a long-term lover, but that's what his heart is reaching for.

An accident leaves him drifting in and out of a dream-haunted coma, trapped in his wrecked car waiting for rescue, and he is sharing a parallel life. Centuries ago, someone is trying to kill Caius Marcellus Valens, and Phil must find out who and why. The trouble is, he's alone. No partner, no backup - or is there? But nothing is the way it seems. Phil must solve the mystery before the plot succeeds, but when the dream invades his waking life, he must also separate past from present before it tears apart his world—and the best relationship he’s ever had.

This is a huge year for the UK - Queenie's Diamond Jubilee, the Olympic Games, Chelsea won the European Cup [and the year is barely six months old!], so it's a great time to do something with the British M/M romance writers and those readers all over the world who enjoy their work.

To celebrate, we're having an equally huge competition for one winner to receive E-Books chosen from the back lists of all five of us and a $30 voucher for Silver.

There'll be 10 questions, two from each of us, posted on our blogs. Answers are to be posted on the UK M/M Romance site, and the winner will be drawn at 5pm [GMT] on Tuesday June 5th.

My Questions are:

Q3 - How high is Salisbury Cathedral?

Q4 - Paradox is a timeslip novel - to what time does Phil slip?

[PS - the answers are in the blog *g*]

Now hop over to the blogs of Sue Brown, RJ Scott, SA Meade and Lisa Worrall for the other questions, then fill in your answers at the UK M/M Romance site.

And if you're a UK writer with UK-based M/M Romances published or planned, come and join us! 


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  1. Shouldn't the "barely" be between "Chelsea" and " "won"? ;) :P

  2.  LOL - hey, a win by penalty shoot-out is still a win in my book *g*