Saturday, 5 May 2012

Don't tell Chris, but RJ Scott has stolen her blog...

Hi guys! RJ Scott is in the house generally making a mess on Chris Quinton's blog!

My buddy Chris has a new book out today. It's an awesome story of a guy who experiences something out of this world. She is away from her computer with limited access so I kindly volunteered to pimp and write a blog for her site...

The blurb for her new book is:
Phil thrives on the danger and excitement of his job, and he trusts his partner with his life. Until Ryan kisses him. It's a diversionary tactic, but the kiss shakes Phil to his foundations. He doesn't need or want a long-term lover, but now it seems his heart does.

A short time later, Phil finds himself trapped in his wrecked car, drifting in and out of a dream-haunted coma where he's living a parallel life. Centuries in the past, someone's trying to kill Caius Marcellus Valens, and nothing is the way it seems. When the dream invades Phil's waking life, he must separate past from present before it tears apart his world--and the best relationship he's ever had.

The buy link is here:

I was lucky to read this when she was a)writing it and b)as a pre release PDF. I love how she so cleverly wound the two *seemingly* separate stories together. Go see the extract. You won't be disappointed.

I said I would post a short blog post to accompany this and so asked for some questions on Facebook... This is what happens when you let RJ loose on your blog!


Silver Pixie: Why not talk about what makes you tick? What inspires you? What doesnt?

I gave a lot of thought to this question. I wasn’t entirely sure what makes me tick or what inspires me. I could say it’s the pictures of all the pretty men out there, or the TV that I watch, or the films I see, or even the books I read.

But when I really think about it. It’s the rush.

When I am in the zone and words are just appearing on the screen ahead of me thinking, and I have a storyline in my head and my characters become real I have the most incredible high. It's peaceful and addictive.

Does this make me weird?

Pauline Allan: How about why you write M/M romances? Why does that genre appeal to you go greatly? :)

Men. Mostly. ROFL…

Since I can remember I have been a bromance addict. My very first bromance addiction was based around 'Battle Of The Planets'. An animation based, I think on a Japanese animation and dubbed in american. Jason and Mark. I wasn’t interested in the girly, or the big guy, or the little kid, I wanted the conflict between the hero's and I wanted to see them duke it out and then in the next breath put their lives on the line for each other. Sighs.

So I guess I am now sharing my bromance addiction with the world. You poor things…

And the fact there can be moments of intense heat between two men where you can just have them going for it, temper and anguish and then the hottest sex ever.

Does this make me weird?

LeeAnn Pratt: what is the most annoying things a character has doine, in your head of course to get your attention so you'll write THEIR story?

Well I think Jack and Riley are hard wired into my brain as they keep demanding more barn sex, hence Texas 3 (August).

Also Alex wants to put back all the stuff he stole and boy has he been nagging me to do it, hence Oracle 2 (October) and then he kind of wants his powers back but I am not sure how Luke feels about this. I guess we'll see when I write it.

Does my characters talking to me, make me weird?

Paula Hadgraft: Do you plan out your characters and worlds before writing, or do you just start and see where the characters take you?

No I don't plan anything really. I have photoboards that I pull together with inspirational photos, and I also have this App on my iPad called IThoughtsHD which is a drag and drop programme to keep an eye on character.

I know for a fact in Oracle 2 that Alex replaces an item into a museum in Oxford, UK, and I have the scene in my head. So I will have scenes I want to write but usually no idea of how I am going to get them on paper until I get into the zone.

I really am weird.


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