Friday, 11 May 2012

Back Home!

I've been away from home for ten days, visiting a friend in Cheshire, and internet access has been patchy.

For most of those ten days, my feet seemed to never touch the ground, and the weather cooperated [mostly]. I'll set up another post in a few days with pics of some of the places we visited, but for now I'll catch up on my writing news - and give grateful thanks to RJ Scott for taking over my website and blogging about Paradox, my latest release, on Saturday May 5th *g*!

Also out now is the print trilogy, The Fitzwarren Inheritance - containing in one paperback volume The Psychic's Tale, The Soldier's Tale and The Lord's Tale, by myself, RJ Scott and Sue Brown! 

Top of the list - and I may have already mentioned this *g* - Silver has accepted Finders, Keepers. They have also accepted my m/f paranormal romance, Argent Dreaming. Written under the name of Chris Power, this was first published by A.N. Other publisher back in 2008. I've only just managed to get back the copyrights on the four remaining stories I've written and co-written. Terri Beckett, my co-author on three of them, and I will be resubmitting in due course, when we've had a chance to read through and edit them.

The print release of Game on, Game Over is on May 17th, the ebooks Finders, Keepers is due August 25th, and Argent Dreaming [still in the name of Chris Power] is pencilled in for September 22nd.

Now, after no time at all to do any writing [I am twitching], I must dive back into Fool's Rush for Manifold Press, because time is flying by and I hate deadlines with a passion...


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