Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Counting Down...

Seventeen Days to the release of Paradox! I have the cover, the first round of edits are done and I'm waiting on the next. Then it's  all systems go. *g*

Paradox is a timeslip story, a genre that has fascinated me long before Diana Gabaldon made it both fashionable and a top seller. How would a modern man or woman cope with the society norms and customs of past centuries? Admittedly, I only touch on it briefly while my trapped hero slips in and out of consciousness, but I'd love to explore it in more depths in another story [or two].

In Paradox, Phil finds himself leading a double life. He's trapped in his crashed car in rural England, and at the same time, he's taken over the life of Caius, a Roman living in the same area. Not only is Caius's personality entirely different to Phil's, the man seems oblivious to the fact someone wants him dead. So Phil has to do the detective work without the taken-for-granted backup of his realtime partner and best friend.

Reese Dante, the cover artist, has done an amazing job - as usual. Her talent never ceased to impress. I gave her the photo elements I would like to see on the cover - a crashed red car, a Roman mosaic of a horse and rider, and faces for Phil and Ryan. I wondered if I'd asked for too much detail and it would be artistically impossible to make an uncluttered eyecatching cover using all the elements. I needn't have worried. Phil's unconcious features dominate, with Ryan a misty face in the background. The red car and the mosaic are there, too, vague and dreamlike. And the clock around the O of Paradox is a master-touch...

Blurb: Phil has a job he loves, full of danger and excitement most of the time, and a working partner he trusts with his life. Until Ryan kisses him. It's only meant to be a diversion tactic to convince the heavies they're two harmless gays, but that kiss shakes Phil's word to its foundations. He doesn't do commitment. He doesn't need or want a longterm lover, but that's what his heart is reaching for.

An accident leaves him drifting in and out of a dream-haunted coma, trapped in his wrecked car waiting for rescue, and he is sharing a parallel life. Centuries ago, someone is trying to kill Caius Marcellus Valens, and Phil must find out who and why. The trouble is, he's alone. No partner, no backup - or is there? But nothing is the way it seems. Phil must solve the mystery before the plot succeeds, but when the dream invades his waking life, he must also separate past from present before it tears apart his world—and the best relationship he’s ever had.

Paradox is available for pre-order from Silver Publishing HERE


  1. I love this story... It's one of my favourite of your stories... x

  2. I plan to order after work today (forgot my pw at home)  :)  , looks like another great story!
    can't wait to get it! Congrats!