Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Very English Village...

Last year my book Game on, Game Over was released by Silver Publishing. The first part of the story is set in Afghanistan, the second in Avebury, a tiny village in the southwest of England, and the book got some pretty good reviews *g*.

Among the comments on one review site was the remark that the commenter didn't think villages like that really existed any more. I didn't comment at the time because that would mean giving away some major spoilers, but the book has been out for long enough now that I don't have to be careful.

St. James

Avebury has the three ingredients necessary for the formation of a village; a church - St, James; a manor house - Avebury Manor; and a pub - the Red Lion. As an added bonus, it also has the largest prehistoric stone circle yet discovered in Europe.
Avebury Manor

The Red Lion
Aidan's view of Avebury: "Safe. That was how Aidan felt as he waited on the corner for a bus to pass, then hobbled quickly across the main road. Safe in a small community which on one level was so quintessentially English it ought to be preserved under a dome in perpetuity. It had only one drawback: the largest circle of standing stones yet discovered, a circle of prehistoric, sacred space wide enough to encompass a good part of the village, elevating it to Tourist Magnet status. A definite bonus was the post office with its small but useful general store, and the Red Lion public house, both within easy walking distance of the cottage."

High Street

The Henge Shop

High Street
The High Street - which is a cul de sac - has more pretty thatched and slate-roofed cottages than I could realistically upload here. So here are the Henge Shop, which has a brief part in the novel, and a couple of cottages...

While Game on, Game Over is the story of Aidan and Scott, there is one other character who has an impressive role in the last part - TBC, aka That Bloody Cat, aka The Magyar Mog, depending on who is yelling his name.

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  1. Both the book and the town sound wonderful.  Cant wait to read and be able to really picture the town now.

  2. Talpra Magyar Mog!!!

  3. I really enjoyed the book and the photos are lovely. Thanks

  4. So beautiful, Chris, and just how I pictured it!

  5. GOGO was one of my favorite reads from last year, another reason I'm such a fan of your work (besides the characters) is the descriptive places you write about.  I really enjoy the settings and love to see the pictures you provide.