Saturday, 4 February 2012

Can You Guess What This Building Is?

I was heading down a street in my home city this afternoon, early for my optician's appointment, and it took me past this impressive frontage. This is Ye Hall of John Halle, built in the 1470s by the very wealthy wool merchant, John Hall, and much of the original building still remains. He was Mayor of Salisbury four times, offended a king, was imprisoned, released, and had dealings with Richard Neville, the Kingmaker at the heart of the Wars of the Roses.

I had a little bit of time on my hands and a camera in my shoulderbag, so I snapped off some shots.

It's a Grade 1 Listed Building, and has previously been an inn, the printing offices of the old Wiltshire Gazette and a china shop.The building was extensively restored  in 1834 and a lot of historical details from various centuries were preserved. 

This is the entrance hall - the picture is over-exposed to show the gallery around it.

Turning and walking on, you enter what was the banqueting hall. This view looks towards the street entrance. There is a range of windows on the right. I didn't take photos of those, but some of the medieval glass still remains in the leaded panes.

Turning right around, you face some rather nice Jacobean panelling and a carved fireplace. Some of the colours have been replaced.

Through the dark, heavily carved wooden arch, a flight of modern stairs lead into the business part of the building.

Any idea what that business entails?

In 1931 it was converted into a cinema and after more modifications to the non-protected part, is now Salisbury's Five Screen Odeon cinema.

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  1. That is so neat!!! Thank you for sharing that with us! It's nice to have a tour of things I'll probably never get to see :-)

    hugs, Stacia

  2.  *g* I should share more of my home city - and the places I visit. Glad you enjoyed this one.

  3. I never would have guessed a cinema! What a beautiful building and I love that the history has been preserved where possible.  I've been to London once (had a fantastic time and would love to go again).  There are so many beautiful places I would like to visit, many are the ones you have shared with us on your trips, Thanks!