Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sullivan's Yard - Available for Pre-order!

Yup. It's up there on Silver's site HERE, all ready and waiting to be added to your Cart for delivery on February 4th!

It's an M/M Sparkle Short Story, 13,000 + words, and a snip at $2.99 *g*

Blurb - Cal Beaufontaine, trainee chef and restauranteur, is starting his career at The Alhambra, a top restaurant in Modesto, California, owned by the Alvarez de Silva family. He doesn't want the attention of Luis, the local super-stud, but there is more to this Andalusian cousin than meets the eye - and he is determined to win Cal.

Cal has other problems. He's hearing things - voices that drove the previous tenant in his apartment to wholesale destruction.

~ * ~


Cal pulled off the road and followed the signs around to the parking lot behind the Alhambra restaurant. There were several cars, a pickup, and a motorcycle clustered over in a corner, and a group of men and girls around his own age walked toward a wide door marked 'Staff and Deliveries'. He climbed out of his pickup and followed them. The view was—interesting, and Cal smiled appreciatively. The three girls were slender, with model-length legs shown off by their short skirts, and all of them wore their dark hair in long, loose curls about their shoulders. He did not have to see their faces to know they were beautiful. But his eyes followed the five men. They were lean and slim-hipped, moving with lithe grace as they and the girls jostled elbows and teased each other in laughing Spanish.
The main targets of the obviously affectionate banter were two of the men. Cal wasn't close enough to pick out the words, but as he watched, one reached out and took the hand of his fellow-victim and moved closer, their shoulders brushing as they walked. No one seemed to take any notice, and when a couple of voices were raised above the cheerful heckling, Cal realized rival basketball teams, not the closeness of the pair, were the objects of the teasing.
The group pushed open the door and swarmed through. Then the last man glanced back, saw Cal, and smiled. His smile transformed an already handsome face into something so captivating Cal's steps slowed to a halt. He returned it, had to, couldn't help himself.
"Come on," the man said, a chuckle underlying the words. "I'm not going to hold the door open for you all day." He was about Cal's height, lean as a whip, with the same cocky, borderline swaggering assurance that had caught Cal's attention in his companions. His black hair curled onto his collar in heavy waves, tangled by the morning breeze. He also possessed the sexiest Antonio Banderas accent Cal had ever heard, even from The Man himself, and Cal's already interested cock hardened a little more. Which was damned inconvenient when he was about to meet his employer on his first day at work.
"Thanks," he managed, flushing under the intense, dark-eyed gaze. "I'm, uh, new here."
"I guessed. First door on the right, Tio Nico's office." He didn't move aside to give Cal room to pass, so Cal had no choice but to edge past him, their chests brushing. The man's full lower lip was caught between his teeth, and his eyes held unmistakable interest.
"Hey, Andaluz!" one of the girls shouted. "Hands off! He might be taken!"
"Or straight," called another. "Do not scare off the newbies, we need them!"
"I'm not," Cal muttered. "Taken. Or straight."
Andaluz's smile became a blinding grin. "Gracias a Dios," he said piously. "See you around, Nuevo." He loped off after the others, shooting another killer smile over his shoulder before disappearing through a different door.

~ * ~

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  1. Thanks for the excerpt, I preordered yesterday!

    Also, loved the excerpt for "Fox Hunt", can't wait to read more with Rob & Fox - who I doubt is going to be "Too mealy-mouthed, by half" :)