Friday, 27 January 2012


BGryphon and Kate198255, you've both won your choice of book, but I need your email addresses to forward the titles to you. Please contact me at and I'll send the books on to you.



Monday, 23 January 2012

Happy Birthday To Me - and Pressies for Someone

Yes, I'm AHEM years old today - that being somewhere in the region of Old as Dirt *g*, and I thought I'd do something a bit different, like hand out some pressies rather than receive them.

Sooo, three people will win the book of their choice from my Published Titles. As I'm travelling to Yorkshire tomorrow to CatSit for a friend, those names will be chosen at 1200 GMT on Wednesday from comments here and on my Facebook page, by Tarry and Dilly, two matronly Russian Blue ladies.

Go take a look at my Published Titles HERE, and if you see anything that takes your fancy, all you have to do is comment here or on Facebook and give the title of the book you'd like to receive.

On Wednesday January 25th I'll write the names on scraps of paper and let Tarry and Dilly do their thing *g*. But going on what I know of those two ladies [and I use the term loosely], it'll be Tarry doing the choosing while Dilly sits and watches her sister do all the hard work...

I'll be back home on January 31st, all ready to start plugging my two new books, the vampire novel FOX HUNT, and the Sparkle Short Story SULLIVAN'S YARD, both currently poised in the starting blocks on my Coming Soon page HERE.

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Friday, 20 January 2012

Welcome, Xavier Axelson!

Today, Xavier Axelson is stopping by my blog on his blog tour, and as well as the blurb and excerpt, he also has an amazing Book Trailer HERE for your delight as well!


When Pryor's daughter Lily is taken by a wolf, Pryor is convinced she has turned into the creature he sees lurking in his woods.  He swears she promises to return to him. But is it his despair and desperation making him see things or is there something more lurking in the shadows of the forest?  When he meets Ned, a silversmith who helps him with a plan to bring his daughter back into his life, he begins to live again. But can his newfound love help ease the horror that may be waiting? What if the ultimate horror isn’t when Lily was taken but it’s when Lily returns and he realizes his nightmare has only just begun...



I am Lily's father, my name is Pryor. It was a year ago last Father's Day when she was taken from me. I still believe being Lily's father is the most important thing in this world.
Unfortunately, my daughter dwells in another world.

                                                                            * * * * *

I glanced at the necklace. Ned's pressed close to me, but the necklace I hoped would bring Lily back to me felt closer. Ned was soft in his sleep; not the bull of a man he was when he's awake. I loved him soft and I loved him hard. It was his hardness that grounded me, that brought me in from the darkness. The necklace caught the light of the fading moon and I wondered where Lily was tonight.
The old clock on the nightstand hummed quietly; its vintage florescent glow a pale mockery of the necklace that lay beside it and yet I heard the clock, it won in that department. Time always does.
Ned moved against me, I could feel his arms pull me close, felt the bulge of his muscles, his arms thick and powerful. He had never loved a man before me. I had only loved Lily. Once she changed, I had little left to love; in fact, I was certain love had disappeared from my life all together.
The clock still hummed, never quiet; it's old and made noise as if time itself wanted us all to know that it was passing and with each minute Lily fell farther and farther into the darkness. The tears came then and at the same time Ned's cock pushed more firmly against my back. He grumbled, pulled me even tighter so that I could truly feel his penis--not hard, not entirely soft--on the edge of wanting. A tear fell and I gasped a little. Seeing the necklace; hearing the clock, feeling Ned's cock, his muscles, I fell away into him and closed my eyes.
"Why aren't you sleeping?"
"I was," I replied softly.
"No you weren't," his voice was sleepy; distant and yet he knew things, he knew I was awake, thinking about my lost daughter.
"It's Father's Day," I answered, skipping over my lie. "Do you think she will come?" I felt him nod and nodded in return against my pillow. Another tear fell.
"Come closer," he whispered.
"How much closer could I get?"
"Closer," he said again, a growl, a grunt; there was the bull I knew.
His lips brushed on my neck, a hand on my thigh stroking, touching, pulling a sigh from my mouth. I wiped a hand across my face.
"I never get sick of touching you," he whispered wetly, his tongue tracing my ear.
Smiling, I turned in his big arms and I could feel my thoughts ease. Ned had that way about him. 'Magic arms' I called him because he had this way of holding me that made me feel completely safe and for one man to be able to do that for another was amazing.
I kissed him and was happy to discover his breath was not bad but sweet, the trace of his toothpaste before bed still there and I smiled even as I kissed him. Ned sighed gently, his cock fully hard now, urgent, pressing. I reached down and stroked him through his boxers; he was already wet. I tried to pull my tongue from his mouth but he only pulled me closer, deeper; at one point I was almost certain one of us was going to stop breathing.
He finally relented but only because I jokingly squeezed his balls a little too tightly.
"Fuck, you make me nuts," he grumbled, we both laughed at his joke.
His hand reached for my cock; I slept naked so there was no flimsy cotton between his rough hands and my skin.
"You like that?"
I nodded, I did like it, I'd thought I wouldn't ever be able to like sex again, or any intimacy after Lily disappeared.
His hands were rough but I relished his edges; he touched me as if he knew me and, after a year, I guess he kind of did.
"You want me to suck it?" His voice was hoarse with his question; there was still a shy embarrassment behind it, as if he couldn't really believe he was going to suck cock.
"What do you think?"
My response excited him. I could see it in his eyes, even in the dark; the fading moon told me just enough.
When you had a daughter like mine, you learned a lot from the moon.

~ * ~


Book Trailer:

Where to find Xavier Axelson:

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sullivan's Yard - Available for Pre-order!

Yup. It's up there on Silver's site HERE, all ready and waiting to be added to your Cart for delivery on February 4th!

It's an M/M Sparkle Short Story, 13,000 + words, and a snip at $2.99 *g*

Blurb - Cal Beaufontaine, trainee chef and restauranteur, is starting his career at The Alhambra, a top restaurant in Modesto, California, owned by the Alvarez de Silva family. He doesn't want the attention of Luis, the local super-stud, but there is more to this Andalusian cousin than meets the eye - and he is determined to win Cal.

Cal has other problems. He's hearing things - voices that drove the previous tenant in his apartment to wholesale destruction.

~ * ~


Cal pulled off the road and followed the signs around to the parking lot behind the Alhambra restaurant. There were several cars, a pickup, and a motorcycle clustered over in a corner, and a group of men and girls around his own age walked toward a wide door marked 'Staff and Deliveries'. He climbed out of his pickup and followed them. The view was—interesting, and Cal smiled appreciatively. The three girls were slender, with model-length legs shown off by their short skirts, and all of them wore their dark hair in long, loose curls about their shoulders. He did not have to see their faces to know they were beautiful. But his eyes followed the five men. They were lean and slim-hipped, moving with lithe grace as they and the girls jostled elbows and teased each other in laughing Spanish.
The main targets of the obviously affectionate banter were two of the men. Cal wasn't close enough to pick out the words, but as he watched, one reached out and took the hand of his fellow-victim and moved closer, their shoulders brushing as they walked. No one seemed to take any notice, and when a couple of voices were raised above the cheerful heckling, Cal realized rival basketball teams, not the closeness of the pair, were the objects of the teasing.
The group pushed open the door and swarmed through. Then the last man glanced back, saw Cal, and smiled. His smile transformed an already handsome face into something so captivating Cal's steps slowed to a halt. He returned it, had to, couldn't help himself.
"Come on," the man said, a chuckle underlying the words. "I'm not going to hold the door open for you all day." He was about Cal's height, lean as a whip, with the same cocky, borderline swaggering assurance that had caught Cal's attention in his companions. His black hair curled onto his collar in heavy waves, tangled by the morning breeze. He also possessed the sexiest Antonio Banderas accent Cal had ever heard, even from The Man himself, and Cal's already interested cock hardened a little more. Which was damned inconvenient when he was about to meet his employer on his first day at work.
"Thanks," he managed, flushing under the intense, dark-eyed gaze. "I'm, uh, new here."
"I guessed. First door on the right, Tio Nico's office." He didn't move aside to give Cal room to pass, so Cal had no choice but to edge past him, their chests brushing. The man's full lower lip was caught between his teeth, and his eyes held unmistakable interest.
"Hey, Andaluz!" one of the girls shouted. "Hands off! He might be taken!"
"Or straight," called another. "Do not scare off the newbies, we need them!"
"I'm not," Cal muttered. "Taken. Or straight."
Andaluz's smile became a blinding grin. "Gracias a Dios," he said piously. "See you around, Nuevo." He loped off after the others, shooting another killer smile over his shoulder before disappearing through a different door.

~ * ~

Monday, 16 January 2012

LRC 2011 Nominee! [And Other News]

That's Home and Heart, on the list for Best Contemporary! There are top-rated names on that list, so I am incredibly chuffed to be among them. Voting is on now until January 24th, and HERE is the link to the Contemporary Book list. While you're there, take a look at all the other categories - there are serious talents on display, all waiting for YOUR vote... *g*

~ * ~

On another front, my short story Sullivan's Yard, is now on pre-order from Silver Publishing, and its release date is February 4th.

Pre-Order link HERE

Blurb - Cal Beaufontaine, trainee chef, is starting his career at the Alhambra in Modesto. He doesn't want the attention of the local super-stud, but Luis is determined to win him. Cal has other problems. He's hearing things -- voices that drove the previous tenant in his apartment to wholesale destruction.

 ~ * ~

But before that on February 1st, Fox Hunt, my contemporary vampire story, comes out from Manifold Press:

Blurb - Robert Rees, full-time librarian, part-time art restorer, is called in to finish a commission when his father goes into hospital – a pair of Elizabethan portraits on oak panelling, Adam Courtney and Ann Darcy. Trouble is, there’s more interest in the paintings than Rob ever bargained for; a lot of people want to get their hands on such priceless treasures, and they’re not always particular about their methods. Just as well he’s got his brother’s mysterious friend Fox on hand to look out for him, then, isn’t it? Or, for that matter … is it?

~ * ~

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Finding Titles

Titles are funny things, and finding the right one for any given story can be a pain in the arse. Or ass, depending on where you live. For me, if the chosen title fits, it can centre the story, define it and lock it into its coherent whole. The wrong title, even a simple working label, can niggle away at the back of my mind like a maggot on speed.

Take Riding for a Fall in my WiP folder:

Blurb - Luke Petrie is back home in Oakford, running the family bookstore. His ex-wife is about to go abroad for a lengthy period, so his young daughter comes to stay. Which is great as far as they are both concerned. Luke has no romantic interest in his life, until he reconnects with the first boy he crushed on. The trouble is, Steve is no more interested in him now than he was then.
~ * ~

 Thing is, although horses and riding does/will happen in the story, it's not the main focus. The choices Luke and Steve make are. So Riding for a Fall has now become Taking a Chance, and I'm a lot happier with it.

As a footnote, I took the above pic a year or so ago. The two indulging in the mutual grooming bonding session are geldings. The mare in the foreground was being totally ignored *g*.

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