Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Rainbow Awards, Manifold Press and Me

Elisa Rolle's annual Rainbow Awards were published December 7th 2011. Over three hundred books were submitted in a variety of categories, and I am celebrating along with Manifold Press.

Manifold Press is a very small semi-professional publisher. When I say 'very small', that's exactly what I mean. It is staffed by only a few people, headed by its founder, Fiona Pickles, and everyone fills more than one position. At one point in its first few months, everything was done by Fiona with the help of two others. The workforce has expanded only a little since then, but they manage to produce two high-quality titles every three months.

That's eight in a year, Gentle Reader. Last year, in the 2010 Rainbow Awards, Jane Elliot's excellent End of the Trail received an Honorable Mention. In the 2011 Rainbow Awards, *SIX* books received eight Top Ten rankings in the various categories!

Manifold's logo is Aiming For Excellence in Gay Fiction. I'd say they're right on target.

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All of the above books are available for download from All Romance eBooks  and Rainbow eBooks as well as the Manifold Press web site.

I also received an Honorable Mention for STARFALL, from Silver Publishing
Ninth equal in the Best SciFi/Futuristic category

To say I'm giddy with delight, both on my own behalf and on Manifold's people, would be an understatement. So *THANK YOU*, Elisa, for running the annual event, and thanks to all the judges.

Last but not least, *CONGRATULATIONS* to all the Top Tenners!

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