Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas is Coming...

Meet Teazle, fresh from her cameo role in Home and Heart, posing for her Christmas photo. [She forgave me for the hat as soon as I gave her homemade liver treats.]

Twenty days to go, and I have to drop the writing for a few days to start the card writing stint and pressie-hunting/sorting/wrapping. Not that the writing is going particularly well - the epic Cold From Hell is seeing to that.

But some good things have been happening. My last two books with Silver, Game On, Game Over and Home and Heart, have been yo-yo-ing up and down in Amazon's Top 100 Gay Books List - and still are - even if it's in the lower half these days *g*. They've had some crackin' good reviews as well. And my royalties were the best I've ever had *hg*. Which was just as well, really - they've all been spent on replacing a very sick breadmaker with an upmarket Kenwood Chef Major Titanium Kitchen Machine. Daughter in Law is positively giddy with excitement for the Kenwood to arrive, and has made a list of goodies she intends to make with it. She is, I hasten to add, an amazing cook! The terminally ill tumble dryer needed replacing as well. So now I'm back to penniless.

Silver will be releasing my short Sparkle, Sullivan's Yard, on February 4th 2012, and I'll have a novel-length Timeslip story called Paradox coming out some time in 2012. Also, Manifold Press will be releasing my Fox Hunt on February 1st 2012.

And the WiP folder just keeps growing...

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  1. What a cutie pie, love the hat! (even if Teazle doesn't :) )
    Also Congrats on GOGO and HAH, I've got them both and enjoyed them very much! I love your location descriptions and details, as a reader they add so much to the story and really give you a sense of being there, (oh yeah, also love the gorgeous men!) You are one of my automatic author buys, so I'm glad to see you have more stories coming up soon! Merry Christmas!