Saturday, 31 December 2011

Looking Back and Forward - aka My New Year Res Revisited

For the last two New Year Resolutions, I followed [or tried to follow] a Threefold Path of Intent;

I hereby state that my New Year's Resolutions are: I Will NOT Procrastinate. I Will NOT Be Distracted. I WILL Have Self-Discipline. With whips if necessary. So there, Brain. Cough up the goods.

So how did I do? Pretty damned well on some fronts, not so good on others.

1. My Chris Quinton website fell over. Twice. Thanks to RJ Scott - who is a Website Goddess - it is now safely [fingers crossed] at home on Blogger.

2. Had six stories accepted, from novel-length to a short story;

Game On Game Over - Silver - available now
Home and Heart - Silver - available now
Clue Game - Torquere - available now
Sullivan's Yard - Silver - available February 4th 2012
Paradox - Silver - available 2012
Fox Hunt - Manifold - available February 1st 2012

3. I did well on the kudos front in 2011 *g*.

Home and Heart rose to #3 on Silver's Top Ten.

Home and Heart, and Game On Game Over hit Amazon's Top 20 in Gay & Lesbian Fiction and yo-yoed up and down for weeks before dropping out.

Fool's Errand - Manifold Press - received an Honorable Mention in the Rainbow Awards of 2011

Starfall - Silver Publishing - received an Honorable Mention in the Rainbow Awards of 2011

Home and Heart, Game On Game Over, Fool's Errand and Fools Oath all have Silver Stars on All Romance eBooks.

AND Home and Heart is among the nominees for Love Romances Cafe's 2011 Best Contemporary Award, and I'm among the nominees for Best GLBT Author!Talk about being gobsmacked and chuffed as hell *hg*.

4. On the downside, or rather the potentially good side if I get my finger out, I have a list of WiPs to work on;

Top priority is Fool's Rush - first refusal to Manifold Press - this is the last of the Fool's Odyssey Trilogy and I MUST get this finished in 2012!!

Second priority is Finders Keepers

Then, in no particular order, there's:
Oil and Water - first refusal to Manifold Press
Cause and Effect
The Carandor Interface
The Lennox Selkie
Bennett's Folly
and sundry other wisps of ideas not yet solidified into a plot line.

4. But I backslid and let myself be distracted, consequently a couple of those WiPs have locked up on me and I'm having trouble shaking them loose. They are the two main priorities for the year.

SO 2012's NY Res?? Exactly the same:

I Will NOT Procrastinate. I Will NOT Be Distracted. I WILL Have Self-Discipline. With whips if necessary. So there, Brain. Cough up the goods, you didn't do too shabbily in 2011.

~ * ~

Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Holidays!

It's very nearly That Time of Year, and I'm wishing everyone peace, happiness, creativity and success for the remaining days of 2011 and all of 2012.

To my intense relief, my patch of England won't be getting a White Christmas this year. Don't get me wrong - I think snow is beautiful, magical, even, in the right setting. Which is anywhere I'm not. The grandkids and dogs love it, of course.

My favorite kind of snow is this ... Roll on Spring *g*

So, love and best wishes to everyone, may you gain everything you desire over the next few days - except weight!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Rainbow Awards, Manifold Press and Me

Elisa Rolle's annual Rainbow Awards were published December 7th 2011. Over three hundred books were submitted in a variety of categories, and I am celebrating along with Manifold Press.

Manifold Press is a very small semi-professional publisher. When I say 'very small', that's exactly what I mean. It is staffed by only a few people, headed by its founder, Fiona Pickles, and everyone fills more than one position. At one point in its first few months, everything was done by Fiona with the help of two others. The workforce has expanded only a little since then, but they manage to produce two high-quality titles every three months.

That's eight in a year, Gentle Reader. Last year, in the 2010 Rainbow Awards, Jane Elliot's excellent End of the Trail received an Honorable Mention. In the 2011 Rainbow Awards, *SIX* books received eight Top Ten rankings in the various categories!

Manifold's logo is Aiming For Excellence in Gay Fiction. I'd say they're right on target.

~ * ~

All of the above books are available for download from All Romance eBooks  and Rainbow eBooks as well as the Manifold Press web site.

I also received an Honorable Mention for STARFALL, from Silver Publishing
Ninth equal in the Best SciFi/Futuristic category

To say I'm giddy with delight, both on my own behalf and on Manifold's people, would be an understatement. So *THANK YOU*, Elisa, for running the annual event, and thanks to all the judges.

Last but not least, *CONGRATULATIONS* to all the Top Tenners!

~ * ~

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Author Anna Marie May's Latest Release

Betting on Love by Anna Marie May, released by Silver Publishing


Accepting a bet to seduce any guy his best friend chooses puts Zach McKinney in the path of Len Marshall. Smitten at first sight, Zach forgets all about the bet and falls madly in love until Len's forgotten past catches up with them, putting them both in danger.

For Len Marshall, meeting Zach was something akin to destiny. It not only brought love into his life, but made him feel like he has a home. The new relationship, though, is overshadowed by a past that Len has blocked from his memory and by certain individuals who want to make sure those memories stay buried forever.

Can love built on shadows last the test of time? Or will their happiness be destroyed by the same men who took Len's life away all those years ago? Because this time, they're out for blood.

~ * ~

"You want me to do what?" Zach's voice wasn't nearly as outraged as it probably should've been, but, even being known as a party boy and always knee deep in mischief, he had his limits.

Rick Cooper, his lifelong friend and fellow ne'er-do-well, smiled widely at him, a wicked gleam in his eyes. "You heard me," Rick drawled, his gaze meeting Zach's who held it confidently. "I'll pick someone for you to seduce and if you succeed..." his voice trailed off, leaving the sentence unfinished.

"If I succeed?" Zach prompted him, wondering what could possibly make him go for this nutty bet.

"This here, my friend--" Rick reached into his pocket, pulling out a sheet of paper and dangling it in front of Zach. Zach fought the urge to give in and snatch it away. "This is Rita's phone number."

Zach's mouth hung open. "How long have you had this?" he asked, wondering what his friend really was up to. His fingers itched, slowly making their way toward the phone and the promised number but Rick only shook his head.

"No, my friend. Not yet."

Zach grumbled something extremely unfriendly under his breath.

"So I need to seduce someone you pick and if I succeed I'll get her phone number?" he asked, a resigned tone in his voice.

Zach McKinney was equal opportunity, which meant he liked both men and women. He wasn't the kind of guy to think stalking was a good idea but there was simply something about Rita Monroe that drew him like a moth to the flame. So far they had only shared chance encounters but her bright blue eyes and blond hair were tugging at something buried deeply within his soul and kind of like an addiction for chocolate, he couldn't help himself. He snorted. Maybe he shouldn't be comparing the woman of his dreams to chocolate.

"Yes." Rick's eyes held an almost unholy glee, which caused Zach to shift uncomfortably on his chair. "Let the games begin!"

Out of nowhere, his mother's voice drifted through to Zach, causing a tendril of guilt to flutter through him that he quashed ruthlessly. You can't continue to trample people's feelings and expect to keep getting away with it...

~ * ~
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Genres: Gay, Romance, Suspense/Mystery
Format: eBook
Pages: 276 pp.
Word Count: 57037

~ * ~

Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas is Coming...

Meet Teazle, fresh from her cameo role in Home and Heart, posing for her Christmas photo. [She forgave me for the hat as soon as I gave her homemade liver treats.]

Twenty days to go, and I have to drop the writing for a few days to start the card writing stint and pressie-hunting/sorting/wrapping. Not that the writing is going particularly well - the epic Cold From Hell is seeing to that.

But some good things have been happening. My last two books with Silver, Game On, Game Over and Home and Heart, have been yo-yo-ing up and down in Amazon's Top 100 Gay Books List - and still are - even if it's in the lower half these days *g*. They've had some crackin' good reviews as well. And my royalties were the best I've ever had *hg*. Which was just as well, really - they've all been spent on replacing a very sick breadmaker with an upmarket Kenwood Chef Major Titanium Kitchen Machine. Daughter in Law is positively giddy with excitement for the Kenwood to arrive, and has made a list of goodies she intends to make with it. She is, I hasten to add, an amazing cook! The terminally ill tumble dryer needed replacing as well. So now I'm back to penniless.

Silver will be releasing my short Sparkle, Sullivan's Yard, on February 4th 2012, and I'll have a novel-length Timeslip story called Paradox coming out some time in 2012. Also, Manifold Press will be releasing my Fox Hunt on February 1st 2012.

And the WiP folder just keeps growing...

~ * ~

Thursday, 1 December 2011

A Date for Your Diaries



Starting on Christmas Day, Manifold Press are offering 12% reductions on all their titles sold through their website until January 6th, 2012!

So drop by and treat yourself to some excellent romance fiction!