Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Just some photos...

I'm currently away from home for three weeks, visiting a friend in North Yorkshire - just on the edge of Ilkley Moor to be exact, and a misty, moisty time it is *g*. But not snowing or freezing, which I'll take as a win. As well as socialising, I'm also helping her out by house- and cat-sitting while she goes off to visit another mutual friend for a week. I've also been doing some heavy edits to Fox Hunt, and should be done with that by the time she gets back. That is, if I don't get distracted by zoning out with her two Russian Blue ladies. Tarry [Tarentella] and Dilly [Odile] are very determined when it comes to sitting on laps and being petted *g*.

At the beginning of the week we had a day out in Leeds. It was a pretty miserable day, weatherwise, but I was able to get some photos in one of the amazing Victorian shopping arcades still thriving in Leeds. They have been beautifully restored to their former glory, and to my mind they are worthy forerunners of the modern mall *g*.

One of the side-streets has been glassed over to make a modern version of the Victorian arcade - interesting, but not a patch on the original. Leeds didn't suffer much bombing in WW2, so a lot of the Victorian buildings have survived.

Train-times and important shopping meant we couldn't spend as much time as I'd've liked taking arty-farty photos. Though if there's a dry day next week, I might go back to Leeds and take some more. On the other hand, I do have Finders, Keepers to work on, and other WiPs...

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