Saturday, 12 March 2016


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Strewth, doesn't time fly! It's the weekend again, and I am woefully behind, as usual. One day I will get my life in order, though to be honest, I've been muttering that for the last umpteen years... *G*

Here's my penultimate Snippet from Tawny, Chapter 14:

Sulis drew the tapestry over the Mirror, and when Hal came back to himself he was weak at the knees and dizzy. "Now you must make your own choices. Hallan, you have seen far too much of the Here, so I will give you three choices. You can have the memories of everything and everyone of the Here that you've met, and all that you've experienced, taken from you, including Tawny. I will either send you far away from the Lynn valley to live your life in peace, or you can choose to remain there but no longer a part of what will be. Or you can leave here with all your memories intact and decide your own path."

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